Buying and Selling Businesses

Business Lawyers Servicing Merrylands, Parramatta & Western Sydney

From preparing the contract to negotiating the purchase or sale of a business, the team at Maclarens Lawyers can achieve the best possible outcome for you.

If you are selling a business, we work with you to maximise the value of your operation and prepare the necessary information to facilitate the sale. We can draft contracts, estimate the value of intellectual property, check leases and value your capital/equipment. Our lawyers are expert negotiators, dedicated to achieving the best financial outcome for you.

When purchasing a business, your Maclarens lawyer can perform the necessary due diligence, assist with negotiations and review the contract as necessary, providing advice on a number of issues including profitability and compliance with various regulations.

There are numerous implications and ramifications when buying or selling a business so minimise your risk and speak to one of our qualified commercial lawyers.

For further information or if you need to talk with a Business Lawyer, contact:

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