Companies and Trusts

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Many small to medium sized business operators mistakenly believe that legal and professional advice is something that you seek when there is a “problem”. They often wait until an issue has progressed to such an extent that it becomes costly and difficult to resolve.

The team at Maclarens Lawyers can work with you to ensure that your business does not encounter “problems” in the first place. They are committed to providing advice that is both practical and cost-saving and can minimise the risk to your business.

We can advise you with regard to all aspects of commercial advice, including:

  • The structure and set-up of your business
  • The role of Directors
  • Trusts
  • Employment contracts and service agreements (including Restraint of Trade)
  • Compliance with various legislation
  • Negotiation of contracts and agreements (including franchise agreements and leases)
  • Intellectual property, copyright and trademarks
  • Administrative Law

Contact Maclarens now to make sure your business is in the best possible shape.

For further information or if you need to talk with a Companies & Trusts Lawyer, contact:

Jessica Diep, Partner
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Chris Maley, Partner
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