Dominic Maley


Dominic Maley has been practicing as a lawyer with Maclarens Lawyers since 2012.

Dominic is a sessional lecturer at the University of Western Sydney, where he lectures in Construction Law (postgrad) (course coordinator), Professional Practice and Building Law (postgrad), expert witness workshops in Construction Claims (postgrad), and Building Law (undergrad tutorials).

Dominic is also a Casual Academic at UTS, where he is the course coordinator and lecturer in Property Transactions (postgrad, online).

Prior to joining Maclarens, Dominic studied for 8 years full time and completed three degrees at the University of Sydney, being a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences with honours in history, and a Master of Laws. 

Dominic has vast technical training in property law, commercial law and contract disputes, and has a strong interest in judicial decision making. 

Dominic has built up a large practice in option contracts, conveyancing, easements, retail and commercial leasing, and property law related litigation.

Dominic also maintains a personal interest in criminal law and criminal justice, and frequents court on behalf of his clients.

He has appeared in person to represent clients in the Local, District, Supreme and Federal Courts, and has briefed barristers, including Senior Counsel and Queen's Counsel, in various jurisdictions, including the NSWCCA. In 2020, Dominic went back to study on a part-time basis, completing a graduate certificate in a criminal law and advocacy based course at UOW under the guidance of a retired Supreme Court judge.

In 2015, Dominic was made a Partner of the firm.