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Maclarens Lawyers has a long history of working with local government bodies. In fact, one of Maclarens’ first clients back in 1949 was a local county council, and the firm continues to provide a wide range of legal services to that same client today.

Partner Chris Maley also has considerable personal experience working with local government and in the Land and Environment Court. His understanding of the unique challenges facing clients and the complexities of legislation in this field set the firm apart from others in the local area and ensure that our clients receive fast, reliable and accurate advice.

As with other areas of legal practice within the firm, Chris and the team at Maclarens Lawyers  focus on providing cost-effective and practical advice. They look at the “bigger picture” and work within the constraints faced by clients, ensuring legal fees are minimised without compromising on the service or results.

We can and do provide advice and representation to local government bodies, property development companies, utilities companies and various other clients in the following areas:

  • All classes of Land and Environment Court Appeals
  • Development and Building Applications
  • Resumptions
  • Easements
  • Injunctions
  • Valuations
  • Review of documentation and processes
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Policy/procedural drafting
  • Compliance issues
Local Government / Land & Environment

Maclarens Lawyers

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